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8 point full wrap coil..bmp2.32 MBHome
Octa-Pulstar-Ship Coil.doc75 kBHome
Vortex 24 point 02.jpg207 kBHometoroidal vortex top view flower of life
Vortex 24 point 01.jpg134 kBHometoroidial vortex side view
cup-coil with hot glue 003.JPG265 kBHomeStar-Challis in my hand, the coil has been coated with hot glue
cup-coil 002.JPG438 kBHomeThis is a Star Challis coil
cup-coil 001.JPG367 kBHomeThis is a Star Challis coil
Starship wraps 12 point and 12 point off set.jpg282 kBHomenormal 12 point Starship and a 12 point with off set like wrapped on an 18 point jig with every third pin removed
Starship coils 9 18 pin illustrated wrap break downs.jpg202 kBHomeVariations on the Starship coil wrap and how to make the SuperStarship
Vortex Space logo 2.jpg116 kBHomeJust a logo for this place
Starship jig 01 002.JPG846 kBHomelarge Starship jig with several vortx rings displayed
Starship 02 003.JPG217 kBHomeSuperStar coil. Two vortex rings in one coil
Starship 02 001.JPG458 kBHomeStarship in a Starship made by having two sets of pins on the same jig
Starship 02 002.JPG242 kBHomeStarship jig with angled pins, creates funnel center hole
Starship coil 48 point connect the dots.jpg458 kBHome
Starship coil-48-point-connect the dots.jpg458 kBHomesimple 48 point connect the dots to show differing boundry layer formation

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